Electricty Procurement

Electricity Consulting Process: Start to Finish

APPI Energy will:

  • Evaluate your electricity bill, and, if applicable, your current supplier contract.
  • Obtain your usage history from your local utility for each of your locations.
  • Send a customized Request for Pricing (RFP) to multiple vetted, reliable electricity suppliers.
  • Recommend a competitive price and supplier contract that is most advantageous to you.
  • Handle all transactions and ensure a seamless transition to your new supplier.
  • Continually monitor the energy markets and your accounts to ensure satisfaction and identify future cost-saving opportunities.
  • Provide ongoing consulting and customer service with no risk, obligation, or upfront cost.

In addition to procurement services, APPI Energy offers assistance with increasing efficiencies, purchasing green energy, enrolling in Demand Response programs, qualifying for energy sales tax exemption, and utilizing web-based energy usage reporting tools.