Increase Efficiencies & Reduce Consumption

Today, many state and federal incentives are in place for energy efficient solutions.

Demand Response Programs

  • Get paid for reducing electricity consumption during peak demand times, even if a DR event isn’t called during the term of your enrollment.
  • Automated Demand Response systems notify personnel, adjust energy usage, and report benefits of participation—allowing you to focus on running your business
  • Aggregate your load-reduction capability across multiple locations, maximizing your financial incentives and your contribution to grid reliability.

Online Energy Reporting Systems

  • The APPI Energy web-based reporting system provides data-driven energy management solutions for reducing energy consumption.
  • Online reports of energy costs and consumption help your organization increase efficiencies, reduce consumption, better understand operations, and cut costs.
  • The system provides benchmarking, measurement of efficiency projects, and easy customization to your operations.

Facility Audits

  • An energy efficiency expert can perform a walk-through assessment of your facilities and identify ways to modernize old systems and equipment, improve the environment within the facility, and decrease environmental emissions.
  • Some methods for increasing efficiencies include peak load scheduling, upgrading HVAC systems, performing lighting retrofits, installing variable frequency drives, implementing an energy management system, and installing advanced metering technology.