Natural Gas Program

Natural Gas Consulting: Start to Finish

APPI Energy will:

  • Analyze all of your gas accounts and provide a comparison of each account to competitive market prices and to the utility supply tariff rate.
  • Review each supplier’s and utility’s specifications, and make cost-reduction recommendations that are specific to each account and are the most financially advantageous to you.
  • Evaluate historical usage and billing statements, and verify the accuracy of each utility and supplier invoice.
  • Discuss all findings in depth with no risk, cost, or obligation.
  • Structure a Request for Proposal (RFP—based on your unique requirements, including terms and monthly volumes) to send to several qualified, licensed suppliers.
  • Notify you of opportunities to take advantage of dips in NYMEX pricing.
  • Represent your best interests, explaining all contract conditions and negotiating any supplier requirements that are disadvantageous.
  • Interface with your utility and your chosen supplier to ensure a seamless transition.
  • Monitor your account and the utility, provide tariff updates, and identify future cost-reduction opportunities.

APPI Energy often suggests locking in the cost of pipeline transportation only and allowing our team to monitor the price of the gas commodity. The cost of pipeline transportation is not publicly traded and is relatively constant, but the gas commodity (NYMEX) can be volatile. APPI Energy’s access to the wholesale market provides additional value beyond just comparing price quotes. We compare offers for pipeline transportation and wholesale gas market prices and negotiate prices down when applicable.