NAM Energy Procurement

Since 2008, NAM has endorsed consulting firm APPI Energy to administer the NAM Energy Procurement Program for small and medium manufacturers.

  • The NAM Energy Procurement Program renders value-added services that reduce electricity and natural gas expenses on an ongoing basis.
  • APPI Energy has vetted more than 121 competitive energy suppliers, and has approved 46 reliable suppliers to serve NAM members.
  • Using in-depth knowledge of market signals, and access to wholesale market intelligence, the NAM Energy Procurement Program recommends the competitive price and supplier contract that is most advantageous to each NAM member.
  • All transactions are managed to ensure a seamless transition to a selected new supplier.
  • The NAM Energy Procurement Program offers assistance with Demand Response programs, increasing efficiencies, securing green energy, and web-based energy data management.
  • The program’s consulting and customer service teams continually monitor the energy markets and member accounts to ensure satisfaction, and to identify future cost-saving opportunities.
  • Unbiased and independent, APPI Energy provides the NAM Energy Procurement Program with no risk, obligation, or upfront cost.
  • If you’re currently locked into an energy supplier contract, the NAM Energy Procurement Program can help you select a supplier today to provide competitively-priced supply that begins when your current contract expires.

Interested in getting started? Contact APPI Energy today to speak to one of our energy consultants.