APPI Energy Price Finder tracks electricity supplier prices

March 10, 2016

How many electricity supplier prices do you compare when considering a supply contract? If you evaluate only a few, how do you know if the supplier prices are low, high, or average? For a consumer that uses one million kilowatt hours of electricity annually, the cost difference between the lowest and highest supplier price could be $50,000. Every day, consulting firm APPI Energy identifies the wide range of electricity supplier prices across the U.S., and the lowest prices available from reliable, competing suppliers.

APPI Energy offers an online Price Finder tool that tracks electricity supplier prices. “In a three-step process that takes only a few minutes, electricity consumers in deregulated markets in the U.S. can select their state and utility to view electricity price trends in their specific location,” said Walter Moore, President and CEO of APPI Energy. The website then puts users in touch with an APPI Energy consultant ready to provide competitive price offers from multiple suppliers.

Powered by the APPI Energy proprietary database that measures daily supplier prices, Price Finder displays average prices for electricity supply, determined across rate classes, usage levels, and other factors for annual consumption up to one million kilowatt hours. APPI Energy can help you select a solution that best suits your business needs, based on location, load factor, and market timing. Recommendations on when to buy energy, and which contract length is best, are based on extensive data analytics and 20 years of transaction experience.

Price Finder is available online at  

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