Beyond Procurement: What the APPI Energy Intelligence Suite Can Do for You

April 27, 2018

As energy consultants, APPI Energy’s mission is to offer our clients a comprehensive way to reduce energy expenses and create budget certainty. Primarily, we accomplish this by negotiating competitive energy supply contracts and presenting businesses with an array of firm supplier offers at varying term lengths. We get these prices from suppliers we’ve vetted to ensure customer reliability and satisfaction. Our methods give our clients access to a solid green-apples-to-green-apples price comparison.

However, while the energy procurement process is our primary method to provide our customers with the best available electricity and natural gas prices, it does not represent the entirety of our consulting services. APPI Energy partners with select, vetted strategic allies to offer clients access to programs through the APPI Energy Intelligence Suite, such as demand response, renewable energy projects, utility management, and facility audits.

Demand response programs allow APPI Energy clients to receive compensation for agreeing to reduce their energy usage during times of peak energy demand (such as on the hottest and coldest days of the year). By participating in demand response, companies benefit from both the compensation they receive from the program and the favorable capacity tags they’ll receive for reducing usage during peak hours, as we discussed in a previous article. In turn, the grid as a whole benefits, as operators procure less power to keep the grid functional during periods of peak usage, thus reducing the cost of wholesale electricity, and creating the reliability of continual service.

Renewable energy procurement is also a service APPI Energy is proud to provide. Through our strategic alliances, APPI Energy provides companies with access to solar panel installation, and procurement from wind farms, hydro systems, and biomass facilities. In deregulated states, the percentage of green energy can range from 10-100% of a company’s usage. We can also assist businesses in regulated territories with the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and carbon offsets. RECs are awarded to certify that one megawatt of power supplied to the grid was generated by renewable energy. To achieve 100% green status, a facility must purchase enough RECs to equal the amount of electrons it takes from the grid. Carbon offsets represent a metric ton of carbon dioxide that is prevented from entering the air as a result of renewable procurement.

We also offer comprehensive utility management systems for our clients to have access to real-time data. Through our web-based portal system, clients can track energy usage in real-time, set benchmarks for their various facilities, observe interval data reports, set alerts for anomalies, and even track greenhouse gas emissions with reporting methodology established around the EPA’s Energy Star.

This data is vital for businesses that have a number of facilities and are heavy power users. With tools such as interval data reporting and auditing, a business can readily tell if a malfunctioning piece of equipment is creating demand spikes, which could prove costly if left unchecked. In addition, analytics allow a business to determine the exact impact of energy efficiency initiatives. This system normalizes daily energy use for accurate year-over-year comparisons, and highlights variance due to weather. This allows for accurate isolation of operational variances.

APPI Energy also provides facility audits, walk-through assessments where we can identify ways to modernize old systems and equipment, and improve the environmental impact of the facility. Our facility energy optimizations would include things such as HVAC upgrades, lighting retrofits, advanced metering technology, weatherization of facilities, and peak load scheduling. By having a qualified energy expert survey and analyze facilities, our customers will receive personalized recommendations that are designed to help them do more while consuming less power. 

For more information about the services available through the APPI Energy Intelligence Suite, please contact us either online or via our phone number, 800-520-6685.