Energy 101: Common Customer Service Needs

When it comes to resolving utility-related issues, we’ll wager that it’s not an occurrence you or anyone on your team welcomes. Billing errors, unauthorized changes to service, and opening or closing locations are just a few occurrences that cause customers to seek support. Whether you procure energy from a utility company or retail supplier, or you trust an energy broker to manage your supplier selection, issues can arise, and when push comes to shove, it’s good to take pause and ask yourself: what should you expect from customer service regarding your energy supply and consumption? And more importantly, who do you want going to bat for you, working as an extension of your team?

Billing accuracy. Customer service should verify bill accuracy and resolve billing errors and credit issues. A reliable customer service team can provide a courtesy evaluation of your most recent bill, and help define each line item, including capacity charges and additional fees.

Demand Response. You can receive payment for agreeing to voluntarily reduce energy consumption during periods of peak demand on the grid. Your customer service team can manage your enrollment and participation in a demand response program.

Slamming protection. Slamming occurs when a misleading salesperson obtains your account information and terminates your supplier contract without your consent. If this happens to you, a dependable customer service representative would help you avoid early termination fees and re-enroll dropped accounts without penalties or disruptions to your service. If you work with an energy advisor, longstanding relationships with suppliers should prompt many suppliers to notify your advisor when an account is dropped, often before you become aware.       

Add or remove meters. If your business moves, expands, or needs to add or remove a meter, your customer service team should work with your supplier to adjust your existing account, on your behalf.

Buy or sell property. If you buy or sell property that is under contract with a retail energy supplier, a customer service team should work with your supplier and buyer or seller to ensure a smooth transition.

Energy sales tax exemption. Most manufacturers and nonprofit organizations qualify for energy sales tax exemption. A customer service team should determine if you qualify, and secure refunds at no cost to you. Reimbursement for past paid taxes are possible.

Customer service excellence. The APPI Energy customer service team is dedicated to interacting on your behalf with utilities and suppliers to ensure smooth transactions. In 2020, APPI Energy resolved 761 customer service cases, including account changes, billing needs, and customer requests. The APPI Energy customer service team is available to provide courtesy evaluations and support.  

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