Press Release

APPI Energy Announces New Headquarters Location

March 22, 2019

Alex Paciga, Communication Specialist


Salisbury, MD, March 22, 2019 - APPI Energy is pleased to announce that it is relocating its primary headquarters from Northwood Drive to East Market Street in downtown Salisbury, MD. Walter Moore, President and CEO of APPI Energy had this to say about the move.

“By moving to downtown Salisbury, APPI Energy is affirming a commitment to the community in which we operate,” said Moore. “We are happy to bring over 40 new jobs to the downtown Salisbury area, which will benefit both our employees and the local downtown businesses and restaurants.”

Jacob Day, the mayor of Salisbury, is pleased to welcome APPI Energy to the downtown community. Day had this to say about APPI Energy’s move.

“Every new business that arrives in the heart of our city is special,” said Day. “But I’m especially excited about APPI Energy’s move because it means 40-50 well-paid workers will be embedded in our city’s central business district. The benefits to stores, restaurants and the vitality of the district is enormous.”

APPI Energy’s new headquarters is located at 112 E. Market Street. The company hopes to finalize the move sometime in early spring.

About APPI Energy

APPI Energy provides data-driven procurement and integrated energy solutions to commercial and industrial customers in deregulated energy markets across the U.S. APPI Energy provides each customer a customized consulting experience including proprietary analytics of energy data, creation of energy supply solutions, coordination of energy management strategies, and superior customer service. The firm has earned the endorsement of 158 trade associations and chambers of commerce to reduce and manage electricity and natural gas costs for members on an ongoing basis.