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APPI Energy wins Consultant of the Year

October 12, 2017


Alex Paciga
Communication Specialist
APPI Energy



Salisbury, MD, October 12, 2017 — APPI Energy is honored to announce that it has been selected as ABC (aggregator, broker, and consultant) of the Year by The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA). This is TEPA’s third year presenting the award, which recognizes one company on its promise and innovation in areas such as contract negotiation, ethical business practices, and customer service. The winner is selected by a vote of the association’s supplier membership.

“We’re pleased to be recognized for our commitment to customer service and best practices,” said Walter Moore, President and CEO of APPI Energy. “None of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication of our team, and the culture of communication and ethics we’ve built over 21 years in the industry. APPI Energy is more than a group of consultants; we’re a coordinated team of professionals, with an obligation to do the right thing for our customers.”

“The retail energy market is incredibly dynamic and largely driven by data and stats,” said Andrew Barth, president of the National TEPA Board. “But a company’s success goes far beyond simply crunching numbers for the best possible price. The TEPA ABC of the Year award recognizes our member companies who also strive to connect with their customers and partners to effect positive change in our industry. We appreciate APPI Energy’s efforts in these regards and congratulate them on earning this recent award.”

About APPI Energy

Founded in 1996, APPI Energy provides data-driven procurement solutions to commercial, industrial, and nonprofit customers in every deregulated energy market in the U.S. APPI Energy delivers superior consulting, coordination of energy management strategies, and world-class customer service. The firm reduces and manages electricity and natural gas costs for members of the 155 affinity groups that endorse us as their energy consultant.

About TEPA

The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA) is a 501(c)(6) organization that establishes a standard code of conduct, serves as an educational resource and advocates legislative initiatives for the deregulated energy markets across the country. TEPA members include aggregators, brokers and consultants (ABCs), retail electricity providers (REPs) and affiliate members. TEPA members exhibit expertise, ethical practices and a high level of professionalism to help consumers buy electricity in the restructured national marketplace.