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Drew Pangborn earns Certified Energy Procurement Professional credential

Michael Payne, JD, LLM, Executive Vice President & Corporate Counsel
APPI Energy


Salisbury, Md., May 28, 2014—APPI Energy is pleased to announce that Drew Pangborn successfully completed the Association of Energy Engineers’ (AEE) Certified Energy Procurement Professional (CEP) program in April 2014.

“According to the AEE, CEPs demonstrate a high level of experience, competence, and ethical fitness covering the full spectrum of activities related to the purchase, sale, and marketing of electricity and natural gas,” said Michael Payne, JD, LLM, Executive Vice President & Corporate Counsel of APPI Energy. “CEP certification strengthens our growing team’s commitment to providing energy market insights to customers on an ongoing, long-term basis,” said Payne. “Demonstrating a thorough understanding of customer needs, perceptions, and market risk tolerance, Drew Pangborn is well equipped in his capacity as a CEP to provide superior, independent consulting services that reduce energy expenses.”

Drew Pangborn has six years of experience providing business-to-business energy consulting services to commercial and industrial clients. His client portfolio covers a broad range of industries, with a focus on the automobile industry. Pangborn has represented customers in every state with a deregulated energy market.

Other APPI Energy team members that have earned CEP credentials are Deborah Carven, CEP, Senior Energy Consultant; Dan Flaherty, CEP, Energy Consultant; Carolyn Hanna, CEP, Senior Energy Consultant; Les Katona, CEP, Senior Energy Consultant; and Jeff Sherman, MBA, CEP, Director of Consulting.

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About AEE

The Association of Energy Engineers is a source for information and networking in the dynamic fields of energy engineering, energy management, renewables, power generation, energy services, sustainability, and related areas. AEE’s membership base is comprised of more than 16,000 members in 90 countries.