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Energy Research Council Formed as Alliance between Leading Energy Companies

August 6, 2013

Kathy Kiernan, Senior Vice President
APPI Energy


Council to Examine Customer Behavior, Preferences, and Needs to Inform Industry Practices

Salisbury, Md., July 8, 2013—Several leading energy companies last week announced the formation of the Energy Research Council, a consortium that will gather market intelligence from middle-market organizations that buy electricity, natural gas, and related energy services. Charter Sponsors include APPI Energy, ConEdison Solutions, Direct Energy, Liberty Power, and Washington Gas Energy Services.

The Energy Research Council will administer a series of quarterly online surveys. The goal of the research is to inform and educate the marketplace with insight into how middle-market companies make energy buying decisions. Research will examine the types of products and services buyers are interested in procuring and additional market drivers important to the supplier community. The knowledge gained will be used to improve the products and services offered to customers by the Charter Sponsors.

“The Energy Research Council creates a link between middle-market America and the energy industry for the exchange of information and education. Associations, their members, and the energy industry benefit through this sharing of information and best practices,” said Kathy Kiernan, Senior Vice President of APPI Energy. “The Energy Research Council’s objective is to develop a two-way dialogue between association communities and the energy industry.”

Results from the quarterly research will drive an array of initiatives that will benefit energy companies, including articles, webinars, white papers, social media, digital publications, and educational events with an expected distribution to more than 100,000 middle-market decision makers.

The Charter Sponsor organizations will select survey respondents from a network of 150,000 business owners and senior executives responsible for making energy decisions in the retail, financial, real estate, automotive, healthcare, governmental, and manufacturing industries. Utilizing APPI Energy’s association membership community, this exclusive network is comprised of member companies from 130 affinity groups, trade associations, and Chambers of Commerce that benefit from APPI Energy’s consulting and procurement services. In addition, Charter Sponsors can survey a sampling of customers to receive benchmark comparisons.

“The Charter Sponsors’ objective is to utilize the survey results and research to determine how knowledgeable small and mid-sized businesses are in terms of energy options, and more specifically, their own energy procurement efforts,” explained James Moore, Ph.D., President, Mentis Analytics, the firm managing the research agenda. “The Charter Sponsors will then work with the Energy Research Council to develop educational materials to help bridge that gap and create more well-informed customers,” he added.

About the Energy Research Council

The Energy Research Council provides facts-based thought leadership to the energy industry. The mission is to provide data and information about energy clients’ perceptions, awareness, and decision making criteria, as well as to inform and educate the corporate marketplace about energy practices, industry trends, and effective energy management strategies.

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