Press Release

Mike Payne appointed VP of TEPA’s Northeast Board

May 30, 2018


Alex Paciga
Communication Specialist
APPI Energy


Salisbury, MD, May 30, 2018— APPI Energy is proud to announce the appointment of Mike Payne, Executive Vice President and Corporate Council, to the position of Vice President on The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA)’s Northeast Board. Payne will assume the VP position while Craig Wall of the Patriot Energy Group will replace outgoing president Jeff Lenetsky.

“We’re grateful for the efforts Jeff Lenetsky has made to support TEPA and our members across the Northeast,” said Andrew Barth, president of the National TEPA Board. “This is an exciting time for the energy retail market and strengthening our collective voice is more important than ever. We look forward to working with Craig Wall and Mike Payne as they take the helm of the Northeast Board. I’m confident their combined leadership and expertise will accelerate our efforts to create greater transparency and help educate consumers and policy makers on the advantages of competitive retail markets.”

“I look forward to working closely with TEPA leadership and members to achieve several distinct goals over the next two years,” said Mike Payne. “One is to stimulate membership growth so TEPA can better advance competitive markets across the U.S. The other is to strive for increased professionalism in our industry. The reality is that energy customers need trusted energy advisors now more than ever. TEPA will be a leader in the advancement of the education of ABCs so that they can in turn, better serve customers.”

About APPI Energy
Founded in 1996, APPI Energy provides data-driven procurement solutions to commercial, industrial, and nonprofit customers in every deregulated energy market in the U.S. APPI Energy delivers superior consulting, coordination of energy management strategies, and world-class customer service. The firm reduces and manages electricity and natural gas costs for members of 158 affinity groups.

About TEPA
TEPA is composed of Aggregators, Brokers, and Consultants (A/B/Cs), Retail Energy Providers (REPs) and affiliate members. The organization specializes in providing market knowledge to help consumers make the best energy procurement choices and to uphold the integrity of deregulated retail energy markets across the country. TEPA is organized into regional chapters, led by the National Board President, Andrew Barth. It was originally founded in the Texas ERCOT market and has since expanded to include Northeast and Midwest chapters.