Press Release

Rittman Area Chamber of Commerce endorses APPI Energy


Salisbury, Md., July 10, 2014—Located in Rittman, Ohio, the Rittman Area Chamber of Commerce announced it endorsed energy consulting firm APPI Energy to provide electricity and natural gas procurement and consultation services to members. The endorsement adds value to chamber membership by offering effective strategies for reducing and managing energy costs.

“Many commercial and industrial business owners in Ohio experienced increased energy costs after the polar vortex triggered extreme winter weather in early 2014,” explained Walter Moore, President/CEO of APPI Energy. “Our team of energy experts is helping a growing number of chamber members to mitigate their risk exposure to volatile electricity and natural gas prices.”

APPI Energy has performed due diligence of more than 100 competitive energy suppliers across the U.S., and chose 40 vetted suppliers to serve chamber members. “Not only does APPI Energy perform extensive evaluation of supplier contract terms and conditions, but also the unbiased firm coordinates procurement strategies with plans for efficiency projects, Demand Response enrollment, and automated energy management systems,” said George Mahaffey, Director of the Rittman Area Chamber of Commerce. “Our chamber is pleased to provide educational resources and services that will help members reduce costs and make smart energy decisions.”

About APPI Energy

Founded in 1996, APPI Energy performs due diligence of the energy supplier community, and forces competitive suppliers to compete for customers. The independent team of energy experts has access to wholesale market intelligence and in-depth knowledge of energy market signals. More than 140 chambers of commerce and trade associations across the U.S. have endorsed APPI Energy’s consulting program to reduce costs for members.

About Rittman Area Chamber of Commerce

The Rittman Area Chamber of Commerce is a volunteer partnership of business, professionals, and citizens working together to build a healthy economy and to improve quality of life in the area. In accomplishing its goals, the Rittman Chamber serves as visitor information service, public relations representative, and business spokesperson.