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The Township of Ligonier Partners with APPI Energy to Prevent Early Termination Fees and Secure Additional Savings

September 24, 2020

Susan Skirta, Communication Specialist 

Salisbury, MD, September 24, 2020 — In April 2020, the Township of Ligonier uncovered, and ultimately avoided, early termination fees by way of their energy supply agreement. Through their partnership with APPI Energy, the Township of Ligonier not only prevented the pending penalty charges, but also secured an additional 11% in cost reductions.

“We did not understand why we were being billed from another supplier,” said Tracy Krowchak, Administrative Assistant at the Township of Ligonier. The Township met with APPI Energy Senior Energy Consultant Noel Temple, a connection that was initially made through their membership with the Pennsylvania State Association of Burroughs. Temple reviewed the energy options and discovered they had been “slammed”.

When an active supply agreement is trumped by a new supply agreement, with or without the consumer’s knowledge, this is known as “slamming”. This may lead to early termination fees and other charges. In the Township of Ligonier’s case, they were receiving charges from an unknown supplier and were facing possible early termination fees from their previous supplier. They brought their concerns to Temple who acknowledged that this new supplier was not one of APPI Energy’s approved suppliers. “At APPI Energy we have very strict standards regarding the suppliers that we choose to work with, in fact we only work with approximately 25% of the suppliers that we vet”, said Temple, who was able to re-enroll their accounts with the previous supplier while avoiding any penalty charges. In addition, he was even able to provide an 11% cost reduction.

“I was able to assist them through the confusion and correct their contracts, said Temple. “We were even able to provide them with cost reductions, which was an added perk to the situation.”

“He came to us with a solution and plan that put our minds at ease,” added Krowchak. “We were thankful to get our account in order and even more grateful when we saw the 11% cost reduction!”

To learn more about the process of slamming and how to avoid it, check out the latest article from APPI Energy:

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