• About APPI Energy

    Founded in 1996, APPI Energy’s mission is to provide superior, independent consulting services that reduce energy expenses.

  • Our Customers

    We manage energy costs for thousands of commercial & industrial customers across the U.S., including those in the banking, nonprofit, healthcare, hospitality, broadcasting, manufacturing, governmental, automobile dealership, and property management industries.

  • Customer Service

    We look forward to ensuring that your relationship with APPI Energy and the supplier you choose meets your needs and goals.

  • Consulting Services

    Unbiased and independent, APPI Energy provides consulting and procurement services with no obligation or upfront cost.

Powerful Solutions

Unbiased and independent since 1996, APPI Energy provides commercial energy consulting and procurement services that reduce electricity and natural gas costs. As energy management consultants we perform due diligence of competitive energy suppliers and identify many reliable suppliers in every deregulated energy market in the U.S.

As part of a comprehensive consulting approach, APPI Energy can recommend a customized procurement strategy that coordinates plans for green energy, energy efficiency projects, and Demand Response enrollment. Our full-time customer service team provides follow-up benefits.

More than 140 trade associations, chambers of commerce, and affinity groups have endorsed APPI Energy’s procurement and consulting services to reduce costs. Our customers include banks, manufacturing facilities, automobile dealerships, healthcare facilities, non-profit organizations, and more. For a complimentary evaluation, contact us.