Why Choose Solar Power Generation and How Does It Work?

June 18, 2020

APPI Energy is committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for our clients. Renewable energy options are expanding and implementation of solutions is growing nation-wide. Renewables are projected to provide half of the world’s electricity within the next 30 years.

Solar generation is one of the leading renewable energy solutions. It is expected to grow by 60% by 2024. Over that time, solar costs are projected to drop by 15-35% because of advancing technology, streamline installation methods, and more efficient and plentiful manufacturing of solar systems. The increase in solar generation is also spurred by state and Federal regulatory policies requiring or incentivizing more solar, declining technology costs, increases in electricity usage, and consumer preferences for green and sustainable electricity. Tax incentives include rebates, investment tax credits, and favorable depreciation and expensing provisions. In addition, very low - cost financing alternatives are now widely available to solar developers and customers.

Solar energy is a clean and abundant renewable energy source. An estimated two million solar systems are currently operating in the United States. Solar PV (Photovoltaics), now decades old, is a proven technology that converts sunlight into electricity. When installed on-site, it provides a portion, often almost all, of the electricity supply required at that location.

There are many reasons to choose solar energy generation. Improving the environment, advancing electricity reliability, reducing energy costs, and corporate sustainability policies are all factors. Whether the motivation for going solar is economic, environmental, or business or personal preference, solar power has numerous benefits. One benefit from solar is that it can substantially reduce electricity costs. Additionally, solar can be combined with battery technology, typically Lithium Ion, to store electricity produced by the Solar PV System. The stored electricity is used when it is most valuable - during peak demand or peak time-of-use periods. This is when utility charges are the highest. The stored electricity can also be used to provide resiliency, or back-up for critical loads or processes during a utility supply disruption. By implementing a solar energy system now, you can reduce and fix your electricity costs, protect against unpredictable increases in electricity pricing, improve power reliability, and reduce peak demand charges.

Sustainability and social responsibility are important components of many organizations’ culture and values. Consumers, businesses, and communities are recognizing and rewarding the decision to operate responsibly. Businesses are finding that green credentials can be a powerful driver in consumer purchasing decisions, create goodwill, and improve business results. Many large retailers are requiring green energy consumption for entities in their supply chains.

If you want to increase sustainability, meet a renewable portfolio standard, enhance your resiliency, and/or simply want to decrease energy costs, APPI Energy’s team of experts can help you. The analysis, on-site visit, and solutions proposal are provided at no cost.

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