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New Hampshire Health Care Association Endorses APPI Energy

September 12, 2016

Jennifer Steward, Communication Manager

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Largest association of long-term care providers in New Hampshire endorses energy procurement consulting firm

Salisbury, MD, September 12, 2016—The New Hampshire Health Care Association (NHHCA) announced its endorsement of consulting firm APPI Energy to reduce and manage electricity and natural gas costs on an ongoing basis for members. Dedicated to furthering the quality of care for long-term residents, NHHCA is following the lead of the American Health Care Association and nine state-based health care and long-term care associations that endorse APPI Energy to provide data-driven procurement solutions. The program offers a unique opportunity to the NHHCA membership to better meet the needs of the residents they serve.

“APPI Energy evaluates energy bills and usage, and makes unbiased recommendations that provide cost savings, and can benefit each member’s bottom line,” said Brendan Williams, President & CEO of NHHCA. “Especially with so many costs presently unmet by Medicaid, the program fits well with our vision to support our members so they can focus on providing quality care.”

About APPI Energy

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, APPI Energy provides data-driven procurement solutions to commercial, industrial, and nonprofit customers in every deregulated energy market in the U.S. APPI Energy delivers superior consulting, coordination of energy management strategies, and world-class customer service. The firm reduces and manages electricity and natural gas costs for members of 140 affinity groups.

About the New Hampshire Health Care Association

The New Hampshire Health Care Association, established in 1951, is the largest association of long-term care providers in New Hampshire. Members include skilled nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout the state. NHHCA believes in furthering the qualify of care for long-term residents through advocacy, communication, educational opportunities, and sharing information and best practices.