Our Customers

APPI Energy currently manages 10.1 billion kilowatt hours and 20 million dekatherms for 34,400 service accounts. View a map of where we work.

Our client base by industry sector is as follows:

  • Manufacturing (43%)
  • Consumer Goods (20%)
  • Healthcare/Property Management (16%)
  • Government Entities (14%)
  • Other (9%)


APPI Energy has been an ASAE-Endorsed Business Solutions Partner since 1999. This energy management program provides education, resources, and opportunities for associations and their members to reduce and manage energy expenses. APPI Energy’s staff of consultants, regulatory experts, operations, customer service and marketing professionals offers our members a turnkey energy procurement solution. APPI Energy continues to demonstrate value and provide a timely service for associations and their members.

Automobile Dealership

When we needed help with our electricity contracts, APPI Energy was there. I call them to discuss various energy proposals I receive from lighting retrofits to windmill projects. APPI Energy provides valuable information, excellent customer service, and a resource for all TADA dealers.


APPI Energy has a proven track record of reducing electricity costs for banks like ours. Managing the electricity supply for our multiple branches, APPI Energy has helped us reduce our costs by thousands of dollars annually.


I've been working with APPI Energy for electricity procurement since 2003. APPI Energy makes the process simple, answering all of my questions and keeping me informed about changes in the energy market. I feel confident knowing that my electricity accounts are being managed by the experts at APPI Energy.

Chamber of Commerce

I’ve been contracting my electric supply since the first year Pennsylvania’s market became competitive. Of the three consulting companies I’ve used, APPI Energy is by far the best. I appreciate that their customer service team reached out to me, while none of the other companies ever contacted me until it was renewal time.


Our borough had many considerations to make about electricity procurement. APPI Energy is not only endorsed by the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs, but also has extensive experience with consulting municipalities on energy procurement. APPI Energy negotiated a favorable price on our behalf, saving us time and money. The process was very simple and professional with no upfront fees.


We work with APPI Energy for electricity and natural gas procurement for several nursing homes managed by our group in Pennsylvania. We first learned about this opportunity offered as a member benefit program through the Pennsylvania Healthcare Association. APPI Energy has saved us considerable time and money by managing all aspects of our energy procurement. I highly recommend them.


Our company has been working with APPI Energy since 2009. They have helped us lock in a fixed-price electricity contract that is better than the utility’s price, and provides us with budget certainty. They were also able to help us with our natural gas management, and secure a competitive contract for it, as well. I recommend them to all PMA and Women in Manufacturing members.

Nonprofit Organizations

APPI Energy presented quotes from many reliable suppliers, and provided a detailed cost savings analysis, which made it easier for me to make my selection. APPI Energy also identified that our nonprofit organization should be energy sales tax exempt. Their customer service team is working on my behalf to obtain reimbursement for past paid taxes.


Thank you, APPI Energy, for providing an educational energy procurement process. The customer service team was even able to help us clarify and recoup unnecessary taxes paid. APPI Energy makes the transition seamless and we have now entered into our second contract for electricity supply.

Property Management

Our property management firm learned of APPI Energy through the York County Economic Alliance’s endorsement. Managing our entire energy procurement process, APPI Energy provides exceptional customer service for all of our accounts, from smallest to biggest. We consistently renew our contracts with APPI Energy because their price discovery process delivers the best solutions.


The Shorebirds and Arthur W. Perdue Stadium have worked with APPI Energy for the past several years. We have been able to reduce the cost of the electricity we use, lock in prices to better stabilize our expenses, and work with our facility and staff to reduce usage. This combination has enabled the Shorebirds to annually reduce a major expense item.


The unbiased consulting firm presents energy pricing from many competitive suppliers, and recommends cost-saving solutions. My restaurant took advantage of this important benefit to lock in today’s low electricity and natural gas prices.

School Districts

We were participating in a consortium program and locked into an electricity supply contract with unclear terms and conditions. APPI Energy evaluated our existing contract and recommended a course of action for negotiating the lowest price and best contract terms and conditions for our next supply contract. The end result—better pricing, budget certainty, and a contract that is clearly understood.

Textile Services

We’ve been working with APPI Energy for over four years now. Their energy recommendations and expertise have saved us valuable time and money. When we first began working with APPI Energy, they advised us to hold off on locking into a new electricity supply contract until the market was more favorable. That honesty and commitment to customer service is why we continue to work with APPI Energy.